Day 229: Then There Were Two…

(c) 2010 Ramit Singh

Over the past few days I’ve spent some time in a town upstate that has really seen better days, and today I heard a story about a friend of a friend who is now on food stamps. This recession — let alone the last half century — have not treated the middle class well. And then there were two: the haves and the everyone elses…


i took a drive through town
on a street named yesterday
to see what i could see
i saw a deadsome man
in a shirt a size too big
waiting for something
then there were two, there were two, there were two
he was hanging on
by the skin of unpearly teeth
waiting to collect his stamps
in the building where
they used to sort the mail
headed to the burbs
and if my lips were sealed
what would i have to say
to the two suits in washington?

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