Day 227: Things Are Looking Up

(c) 2010 Ramit Singh

Don’t ask about the dragons, just don’t. Either you know what I’m talking about — in which case please email me and explain to me what the hell I’m talking about — or you don’t.

In other words: if you were a dragon, you’d have feelings, too. And what would you do with those feelings? Exactly what a dragon does with everything. You’d breathe fire on it, possibly accidentally, but certainly inevitably killing the thing you love. With fire breath.

Wow. Check, please?


the summer is over
the dragons have fled
we all have our suspicions
swept under the bed
things are looking up
the mayor’s announcement
didn’t make sense
“those dragons were terrorists,
now they’ve fled to the west”
things are looking up?
well if you want a war
bring it right to your door
take the kids out of school
give ’em rifles and boots
things are looking up?

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Filed under acoustic songs, collaborations

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