Day 225: New York, Where Have You Gone?

(c) 2010 Ramit Singh

Ramit’s photo is of the interior of what used to be CBGB’s. In case you don’t follow this kind of thing, here’s what the exterior now looks like:

(c) 2010 Ramit Singh


My song is a bit bleaker (Bleecker?), but that’s how it goes. New York can be a scary place, especially when the city itself is afraid to go out at night.


new york, when i met you
you were broken down in bed
at least that is what you said
that summer was a nightmare
there were ashes in the air
but didn’t want to stare
new york, where have you gone?
we’re all looking for you, man
we’re all looking for you
you put on a good show
dressed yourself and did your hair
made your rounds out in the air
everyone so glad you were there
everyone so glad

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