Day 96: Day is Done

In the early 19th century, there was a group of crazy performer/entrepreneur/scientist wackos called balloonists, who took early versions of hot air and/or hydrogen balloons up in the air (usually not too far up) and tried to do silly crap like cross the English channel. One of the most famous (and talented) British balloonists was a man named James Sadler. He got out of a number of sticky situations in his day, including putting down in stormy English seas and then managing to alight again upon realizing that the ship he was hoping to flag down wasn’t going to stop for him. His son, Windham (unfortunate name, no?) was also stricken with the ballooning bug, but he was not so lucky. He ended up getting snagged in a London chimney, hanging from his feet for several minutes, and falling to his death. This song is for him.


did you think
a hundred years from now
we’ll build these out of steel
and float them in the air
did you think
when all your dreams came true
it wouldn’t be balloons
filled with heated air
so long sadler’s son
when are you gonna fall back to earth?
for everyone
when are you gonna fall back to earth?
your day is done
boy your father
would faint to hear the news
hanging by your feet
like a chimney sweep


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  1. robert

    my computer is telling me that this file is not found:(

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