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You’ve landed in the home of Ace Reporter’s 2010 threesixfive project, in which I wrote, recorded, and posted a new song every day for all of 2010. You can brows the “best of” player below, or you can explore the entire threesixfive project using the archive links on the right side of this page. Plenty has happened for Ace Reporter since 2010, though, and this blog isn’t archived anymore. These days I post news and updates at, and you can find me on Facebook (/acereportermusic) and twitter/instagram (@myacereporter). Thanks, and enjoy!

Chris / Ace Reporter

25 responses to “

  1. I haven’t heard everything yet… But I will… So far my favorites are: “tick tock”, “Let me be”, “Thirteen Steps” and “To save a life”. Keep up the good work, Ace!

  2. I just heard “caught in the middle”… brilliant.

  3. You are wonderfully talented…I’d love to be able to download your songs so I could listen to them on a daily basis🙂

  4. Okay so I didn’t see the download button haha But now I do wow…:)

  5. Pingback: ACE REPORTER delivers jams UNTOUCHED from their birth AND some even ARRIVED in top form /// The Burning Ear

  6. j.ziegler

    hi ace

    my friends and i have been enjoying your music for quite a while now. Not to seem disappointed (cause we’re not, in any way). We were wondering if we ever get to see from 100 to 200, in a .zip-post, just like the 1 to 100? This would make us happy, excited -and most of all- honoured to have in our music library. Perhaps even the whole collection once it’s finished.


    • Hey J,

      Absolutely I can do that — thanks for asking. I’m also definitely going to provide a free download of the whole project once it’s done, and there’s also talk of a “best of” EP consisting of cleaned up and improved versions of my favorite songs. That will probably be available for real cheap some time in early 2011.

      Thanks for listening!


  7. Max

    You Sir are a delightful person. I really enjoy your songs. Thanks for this awesome music!

  8. From Russia with Love

    Beautiful song, beautiful voice. Thank you. Of success.

  9. dan the man

    God has given you gift the world is just going to have to play catch up.

  10. This is quite cool! Thanks a lot for sharing this! I’s love to download this right now and listen to these magnificent songs everyday. You really made me a big fan to these songs.🙂

  11. I love your music! I heard your song “Lean honey lean” on TV and looked it up on youtube, and then i found this. Amazing!

  12. There is no way to download your beautiful songs anymore, is there?

  13. Sounds good, thanks for the answer! Can’t wait to hear the new album!

  14. Taylor C. Wilson

    I would love to purchase the Delaware Water Gap photo. I grew up there and have been in Tucson for the last ten years. Please let me know.

  15. Jason

    You will make it. Don’t change, and don’t give in. You are special to what this world will need. I’ve never hear anybody SO REAL. Thank you.

  16. Even my youngest daughter (13yrs) is an Ace Reporter fan, Chris. I randomly started playing ‘Untouched and Arrived’ just now and she said, “I love this song, mom!!” I remember when I first heard your voice when you were in The States. Always thought you sounded angelic. Today I’ve been able to listen to a few of the songs I hadn’t heard up until now and I look forward to a ‘Best of 365’ CD, hopefully. (You know I love the liner notes and the cardboard case and whatnot)
    I could see you guys becoming a very well-known and respected band. Now drive and ride carefully.

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